Let's eat silage - for health and beauty!

Vegetables and fruits, during the process of pickling, do not lose vitamins and minerals. In addition, the amount of vitamin C and vitamin B, responsible for the absorption of iron in the body, even doubles!

By eating silage, we prevent anemia, we increase our resistance to infections, we support colds, strengthen hair and nails, we have more beautiful skin. During pickling, the content of sugar in fruits and vegetables decreases, and thus - they are less caloric and easier to digest.

Lactic acid produced in silage, has detoxifying and cleansing properties. The acetylcholine contained in them regulates blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on bowel function, preventing constipation. By eating silage, we can help ourselves in depression. We will also be less sleepy, more We eat calories faster, drunk fast, a glass of sauerkraut juice. It will also help us with indigestion. We can add pickled cucumber juice to various soups - thus helping with migraine attacks. prepare many different salads, salads, add them to sandwiches. And what can you choose? In addition to the popular white cabbage and cucumbers, we can also include red cabbage, Italian cabbage, garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, beetroot, fresh olives and fruits such as apples, pears or plums, you can also pick mushrooms - they are perfect for this purpose, e.g. Honey fungus.

When preparing for pickling, carefully prepare all products, they must be fresh and completely healthy, and dishes after thorough washing should be scalded. The process of pickling involves lactic acid bacteria that develop in an anaerobic environment, and therefore products for pickling placed in jars, stone pots or barrels, they must be completely covered with salty pickling, covering them thoroughly. Stuffed tightly in the barrel, the shredded cabbage is additionally pierced several times, all the way to the bottom, with a wooden peg to let the residual air and gases formed in the fermentation process escape In addition to brine, we add, in addition to brine, various spices - dill, allspice, garlic, leaves and root of horseradish, oak leaves, blackcurrant, cherry, granular pepper, juniper fruit. They not only give flavor, but also have preservative properties, preventing due to the content of essential oils and tannins, laying to the growth of mold and yeast. Preservative properties have the aforementioned salt contained in the broth, but people who need to limit their consumption should either limit the amount of silage eaten or combine them with a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits.

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