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Pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, cabbage juice ...

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Cucumber juice, beet juice, pickled cucumbers ...

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Pickled and canned cucumbers, sauerkraut with carrots ...


We invite you to cooperate with shops, wholesalers, food outlets, restaurants and other interested parties from Poland and Europe. We offer attractive and flexible conditions, fast delivery and a wide range of products and semi-finished products, which is still growing.

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Why not have some pickled veggies for health and beauty

Do you know that vegetables and fruit do not lose vitamins and minerals during the fermentation process but, on the contrary, the amount of vitamins B and vitamin C responsible for the absorption of iron in your organism doubles? Moreover, lactic acid and acetylcholine produced in fermentation process regulate blood pressure and have a beneficial impact on your digestion (e.g. it prevents a constipation, helps to burn faster calories).

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