An idea of eating fresh sprouts occurred initially in the Far East and from there it came to Europe. Sprouts appeared on the Polish market not a long time ago but thanks to their invaluable nutritional values they become more and more popular and appreciated in our country. Sprouts are rich in the most important for human?s health nutrients such as vitamins A B C H. They contain a huge dose of compounds easily assimilated by human organism such as calcium, iron, sulphur, magnesium, potassium as well as Biotin, zinc, selenium, and microelements: lithium and chromium. Importantly, during the production process we do not use any chemical additives to improve the quality of our sprouts or to stimulate their growth.

Fresh sprouts can be a valuable supplement of daily diet; they decrease the risk of lifestyle diseases (e.g. cardiac failures or cancer). In order to see their beneficial impact on one?s health, sprouts should be eaten regularly, preferably raw (as they do not lose their valuable nutritional substances). They can be used as an ingredient of salads, cottage cheese or fish spread, various kinds of sauce or dip, sandwiches, as an impressive food decoration or as a healthy low-calorie snack (e.g. instead of crisps).





Sunflower sprouts - they have a tint of nut taste. They are perfect for mixed salads and sandwiches. As they contain a lot of zinc and iron they are particularly recommended for vegetarians whose diet is poor in these microelements.






Radish sprouts - they have a sharp and slightly hot taste. They go very well together with dishes from eggs, various sorts of sauce (e.g. with mayonnaise or cream sauce) and spread (e.g. cottage cheese spread) and sandwiches. Owing to an enormous amount of vitamin C they help to develop immunity. Due to sulphur, they have a very positive influence on skin, hair and nails.






Lucerne sprouts - they are also known as alfalfa (a creator of all food). They have a mild taste and contain lecithin. They are invigorating and help to improve memory. Lucerne sprouts are recommended with sandwiches and salads. They can be added to dishes fried in a wok (however always at the end of frying!)






Broccoli sprouts - they have a hot taste and they are perfect for sandwiches and salads. They contain Sulforaphan, a substance that prevents from developing cancer cells. Broccoli sprouts contain even 20 times more Sulforaphan than a normal broccoli.








Lucerne radish and lentil sprouts mix



Lentil sprouts
- they are delicate in taste, good for eating raw, in salads, but also cooked. They contain a lot of iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins C E B1 B2 and hemopoietic folic acid. They are marvellous diet supplements for pregnant women due to the fact that folic acid is necessary in the development of baby?s nervous system. Lentil sprouts have a beneficial impact on teeth and eyes, they help diabetics, they protect from nephrolithiasis, and sclerosis. We recommend them to be eaten with bread and garlic butter.

Mung bean sprouts - they are a bit crunchy and commonly used in Asian cuisine. They are delicious cooked or fried but also raw in salads (e.g. mixed with sunflower sprouts). They contain a lot of easy-assimilable protein and they help to decrease the level of bad LDL cholesterol.

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